VAPORIZER V1.30 released

Version 1.30 of VAPORIZER is available now. It includes major improvements. Among others: oscillator hard-sync features. You can read an overview about the new features and how they work in the forum.

Vaporizer User's Manual

Version 1.3 of the Vaporizer User's Manual is available and can be downloaded in the products & download section.


Welcome to VAST Dynamics

We have released our first VST synths. Check them out in the products section.

VAST Dynamics is the result of professionalising a hobby. We are music producers, synthetic sound addicts and DSP & software engineers since more than 25 years. And we have a strong passion for analogy synthesis sound design.

We are a new, dynamic company trying to drive virtual analog synthesis technology to the next level. We design new, massive virtual analog synthesis models that allow an almost unlimited number of oscillators per voice (e.g. 96 parallel sawtooth oscillators, …). We aim at the creation of the fattest analog sound around.