Vaporizer2 2.6.3 Update With Significantly Improved MSEG Envelopes

Vaporizer2 2.6.3 Update With Significantly Improved MSEG Envelopes
► Significantly improved MSEG envelopes – Can now be synchronized with DAW timecode – also for loops – Option to run MSEG in single mode (not per voice but one global instance) – Improved MSEG display.
► Added two new random drift automation sources
► Larger performance improvements in wavetable engine
► Reworked factory presets and additional factory presets now including 370 quality presets
► UI improvements (slider value popup)
► Added additional wavetables and single cycles now including 780 wavetables.

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On alias free oscillators – the holy grail of wavetable synthesis implemented in Vaporizer2

Being able to synthesize any arbitrary waveform without aliasing – audible or not – is considered the holy grail of wavetable synthesis. But what does aliasing mean in that context?

If you are familiar with the Nyquist Theorem (Wikipedia article), then you know that in digital audio synthesis we can successfully sample and play back frequency components up to one-half the sampling frequency (fs). Aliasing is the term used to describe what happens when we try to record and play back frequencies higher than one-half the sampling rate. In that case frequencies above Nyquist fold over into the...


Vaporizer2 Feature Highlights

Vaporizer2 is our first hybrid wavetable additive / subtractive VST/AU synthesizer / sampler workstation. The intention of this development is to create a alias-free high-performance wavetable sound engine with low system CPU resource usage.

Read a detailed list of the product features here.


  • State-of the art wavetable engine with four independent alias-free wavetable oscillator banks with up to 24 oscillator unison
  • Low system CPU resource usage - even with more than 1.000 oscillators playing
  • Groundbreaking wavetable editor with a vast number of editing possibilities including...