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New in version 3.0.4:

  • New preset browser with favorites and tags management with broad rating, search and filter functions
  • New effect in the FX busses: waveshaper with multiple waveshape modes and oversampling
  • Several usability improvements:
    • New selection options in the wavetable editor (e.g. using mousewheel) based on zero crossings or grid
    • Adding and deleting larger numbers of wavetable positions by dragging the '+' sign
    • New selection options in the sample editor with new checkbox 'snap' displaying and snapping to zero crossings
    • New scale options when slicing samples to wavetables (in the...

Vaporizer2 Update 3.0.3 - FM & Granular Synthesis and Real-time Wavetable Effects!

VAST Dynamics Vaporizer2 just got one of the biggest updates ever. Version 3.0.3 brings FM synthesis, Granular synthesis and real-time wavetable effects. This could be easily a new major release or even a Vaporizer3 - but we loved the version number 303 so much ;-)

Get it here: VAST Dynamics shop

Vaporizer2 Final Release version 3.0.0 out now

We are proud to announce that the final release version 3.0.0 of Vaporizer2 is out now.

The following features were added:

  • Audio out oscilloscope display
  • Snap to zero crossings mode in wavetable editor
  • Major performance improvements in wavetable editor
  • Hotkey to toggle draw mode in wavetable editor (Shift + d)
  • UI improvements, maximize buttons for editor sections
  • Significantly improved MSEG envelopes, can now be synchronized with DAW timecode – also for loops, option to run MSEG in single mode
  • Added two new random drift automation sources
  • Significantly improved filter section (sound and CPU...