Please note that the Vaporizer (1) plug-in is no longer maintained. Please use Vaporizer2 instead. You can continue to use, yet without guarantees.  


VAPORIZER is our first VST/AU synthesizer. The intention of this development is to combine a fat virtual analog sound with low system CPU resource usage. And all this with an unbeatably low price (factor 10 lower than usual synths in that category).

Even though this synth basically follows a traditional subtractive analog synthesis model, we believe that is has it's own character and sound that needs to be explored. A main focus was laid on modelling fat supersaw-like sounds with various unison and detune models. VAPORIZER does not want to be smooth and gentle. It has sharp edges and can also be brutal. Check it out.

With the release of Vaporizer 2 upcoming Vaporizer 1 is not sold anymore. You can use Vaporizer 1 with a Vaporizer 2 license. In case that you have a Vaporizer 1 license you can also use Vaporizer 2 with it. Just place the license file in the folder where your plugin is located.

Read a detailed list of the product features here.


  • Innovative virtual analog synthesis model that allows an almost unlimited number of oscillators per voice (e.g. 96 saw-tooth oscillators, …)
  • Full stereo – all generators, effects and chains
  • Three modes - 16 and 4 voice polyphony plus monophonic mode
  • Full effect bank with high quality oversampling effects (distortion, chorus, delay, reverb, comb filter and parametric EQ)
  • Old school UI with real analog feeling
  • Everything at sight – no hidden tabs or menus
  • Eye-catching retro-style oscilloscope for immediate visual feedback
  • Monophonic and polyphonic portamento in all modes including ARP
  • Polyphonic aftertouch
  • More than 110 presets with many different styles (more are continuously added in new versions).
  • Patch randomization function.
  • Dual LFO with cross modulation.
  • Completely alias free oscillators (7 different waveforms).
  • Up to 97 parallel oscillators per voice (4 unison / detune banks with max 24 plus 1 noise oscillator).
  • 16 voice polyphony with a maximum number of 1552 oscillators per plug-in at a time.

Performance and CPU

  • Critical path is SSE vectorized (parallel processing)
  • Optimization will still continue


  • Switchable 4 times oversampling
  • SSE optimized​

Oscillators and Envelopes

  • Completely alias free (7 different waveforms)
  • Four analog capacitive envelope generators
  • Up to 97 parallel oscillators per voice (4 unison / detune banks with max 24 plus 1 noise oscillator)
  • With 16 voice polyphony this means a maximum number of 1552 oscillators per synth at a time (depending on your system)
  • Four envelope generators
  • Envelope mode option to choose between virtual analog / capacitive, digital and linear envelope models
  • Complex attenuation model to ensure a homogeneous output level when stacking and detuning multiple oscillators

Modulation Matrix

  • Comprehensive modulation matrix that allows altering of a huge variety of synth parameters based on internal and external signals and events
  • 9 inputs
  • Including modulation by external audio source
  • Envelope follower
  • Vocoder effects
  • ~ 50 modulation parameters
  • More than 3600 possible modulation combinations
  • Positive and negative modulation curves​


  • Fully flexible filter routing - freely definable signal pass, change sequence of filter banks and arbitrarily define signal sums (including ring modulation) 
  • Full stereo filters with minimal attack/release times of only a few milliseconds
  • Stereo Massberg-style 2nd order resonant LPF
  • Stereo Korg MS20-style 2nd order resonant HPF filter
  • Stereo Roland-TB 303-style 8 pole resonant diode ladder filter


  • Fuzz waveshaper with 4 times oversampling


  • Roland-style multi stereo chorus with 6 oscillators and 4 times oversampling


  • Combined room / plate reverb with 4 times oversampling


  • Ping-pong delay for trance effects​


  • Brutally analog sounding VCA arpeggiator based on a transpose, gate, velocity, hold model
  • More than 12 arpeggiator / sequencer patterns (more to be added in next versions)
  • 4 different arpeggiator modes (polyphonic, up, down, up/down)
  • Freely assignable on fractions of whole notes
  • Can be synched to midi clock and DAW time code


  • Dual LFO - LFOs can modulate each other
  • Predefined modulation for VCA, VCF and pitch
  • Freely configurable via modulation matrix
  • Freely assignable on fractions of whole notes
  • Can be synched to midi clock and DAW time code or can be free running
  • 7 alias-free LFO waveforms including sample and hold​


  • Integrated 8-band parametric EQ for instant tweaks and sound adjustments
  • Multiband processing - route lower frequencies in mono and bypass effect banks to preserve a high quality low end of the sound