Vaporizer2 Downloads

New in version: 3.1.3 (September 22nd 2020)

  • Support for MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) 
    • Receive MPE MIDI dimensions (X/Y/Z) pitchbend, aftertouch (freely assignable), release velocity / lift (controlled via MSEG) and brightness / timbre (freely assignable) form supported controllers (e.g. ROLI Seaboard Block, ...) for highly expressive control options
    • MPE mode and bend range stored per preset
    • New modulation sources for MPE Timbre (MinMax, Min, Max)
  • Major UI update
    • New UI theme: Dark - we like it so much that we made it the new default for Vaporizer2
    • Polyphonic real-time visualization of parameter modulations around modulatable knobs
    • Polyphonic real-time visualization of modulation matrix curve values in the matrix section
    • Polyphonic real-time visualization of wavetable position in wavertable perspective display
    • Choose GUI font size - normal, smaller, larger
    • New modulation drag sources directly in the tabstrips for MSEG1-5, LFO1-5, STEPSEQ1-3
    • Several fixes, beautifications and CPU/performance improvements in the GUI

All downloads include both, demo version and full version. In case you just want to test the demo, download the installer below. You unlock the full functionality by placing the license key file you have purchased in the Vaporizer2 folder. By downloading and installing you accept the license agreement


We are celebrating the new release with a free to download FL Studio 12.1 demo project 'Club Sounds' featuring many of the new presets.

Download it here.