Vaporizer2 Downloads

Release version: 3.0.5 (May 26th 2020) - change log:

  • Some smaller bugfixes for the new resampling functions and wavetable / oscillator settings copy functions that came with 3.0.4 
  • New preset browser with favorites and tags management with broad rating, search and filter functions
  • New effect in the FX busses: waveshaper with multiple waveshape modes and oversampling
  • Several usability improvements:
    • New selection options in the wavetable editor (e.g. using mousewheel) based on zero crossings or grid
    • Adding and deleting larger numbers of wavetable positions by dragging the '+' sign
    • New selection options in the sample editor with new checkbox 'snap' displaying and snapping to zero crossings
    • New scale options when slicing samples to wavetables (in the sampler context menu)
    • Function to copy all oscillator parameters to another oscillator
    • Scroll through tabstrips via mousewheel
    • Larger fonts in menus and submenus
    • Improved graphics performance

All downloads include both, demo version and full version. In case you just want to test the demo, download the installer below. You unlock the full functionality by placing the license key file you have purchased in the Vaporizer2 folder. By downloading and installing you accept the license agreement