Vaporizer2 Downloads

Release: 3.4.8!

  • Fixed problem with preset browser and larger number of presets
  • Fixed CLAP code signing and notarization issue
  • Fixed issue with first MPE note out of tune in some presets
  • New random preset creation function (experimental - don't expect something useful and be careful, can lead to noisy output)

Get the installers here:

Major release: 3.4.5!

  • Distribute CLAP plugins with installers
  • Fixed mod wheel UI issue which made it very glitchy to move the wheel on the UI
  • Fixed CPU spike in Bitwig studio every 60s when auto saving presets
  • Fixed a problem with MPE pitch bend on note on MIDI events
  • Leaner and faster UI refresh

Get the installers here:

Release: 3.4.3!

  • Removed optional moduleinfo.json from VST3 bundles as it led to issues in Tracktion Waveform, Reason and other DAWs
  • Removed clicks when changing presets while playing (fade-in/out mechanism was broken)
  • Removed sporadical click in filter on first notes after load of preset
  • Preset XML files are loaded asynchronously to decrease start up time of plugin
  • Fixed a bug with parameter changes done by hosts on the audio channel leading to hangs and crashes
  • Added mono bus layout as this seems to be required in several hosts for VST3
  • Smoothing of midi pitchbend and modwheel messages fixed
  • MPE bend range fixed (96 semitones had to be set to get 48)
  • Fixed unintentional mono processing in Comb filter FX
  • Added a configuration setting for keyboard keys to plugin midi keyboard mapping plus base octave
  • Tryed to fix a sporadic crash of VST3 in certain hosts on quick program change while playing (e.g. in Cakewalk, unconfirmed yet that it is fixed)
  • Windows installer did not correctly install _SSE2* names when that was selected
  • CLAP build in CMake (still experimental)

Major release: 3.4.0!

Please make sure that you have uninstalled older versions of Vaporizer2 or have manually deleted all VASTvaporizer2*.* plugins on your system before installing. Due to filename changes otherwise it wouild lead to mixed versions installed. Make sure that the installed plugin in your DAW shows version number 3.4.0 on the top right.

  • Added native Mac M1/M2 silicon support (neon vector extensions)
  • Addded LV2 Linux builds
  • Added microtuning support (AnaMark Tuning files .TUN support)
  • Added permanent link option for modulation wheel to custom modulator
  • Added 32 note polyphony mode
  • Major performance improvements saving CPU
  • Many stability improvements
  • Improved GUI fonts and tooltips
  • Additional factory presets
  • Improved installers
  • Midi keyboard key hold mode
  • Uses FFTW3 per default with major performance gais in wavetable engine
  • Separated factory and user folders for presets, wavetables and wavs
  • Properly handle install directory as read-only - moved settings to user managed folder
  • JUCE upgrade to 7.0.8
  • Added CMake support
  • Bugfix: ARP sync in Logic on macOS no longer leads to distorted sound
  • Bugfix: Corrected editing of imaginary wavtebabkle parts in frequency domain editor
  • Removed legacy 32-bit builds from installers (you still can CMake them on your own)

With version 3.3.0 Vaporizer2 became Open Source!

  • Get all the latest information on our GitHub page.
  • You can install and run the full version of Vaporizer 2 3.3.0 from the download links below. You will not need a license and you do not need to activate any longer. The plugin will show "Free Version" in this case.
  • All existing activations from licenses will remain valid and guarantee support.


New in version: 3.2.0 (December 6h 2021)

  • New major version
  • macOS Big Sur support, runs also under ARM (Rosetta) 
  • 20 new high quality wavetables
  • Fixes some shipped single cycle wavetables that had a faulty structure
  • Fixes glitch with manual value editing
  • Fixes warning box layout glitches
  • Removed all modal UI loops
  • Several improvements

All downloads include both, demo version and full version. In case you just want to test the demo, download the installer below. You unlock the full functionality by placing the license key file you have purchased in the Vaporizer2 folder. By downloading and installing you accept the license agreement

In case of issues or development requests please use the GitHub page.


We are celebrating the new release with a free to download FL Studio 12.1 demo project 'Club Sounds' featuring many of the new presets.

Download it here.