MIDI Learn in v1.25


Version 1.25 of Vaporizer introduces a new MIDI Learn function:

Vaporizer comes with a default mapping of some of its parameters to MIDI control change (CC) messages (see chapter MIDI Mapping). So by assigning the corresponding CCs to your MIDI controller (keyboard) or your DAW you will already be able to control these parameters remotely.

But there are more controllable parameters in Vaporizer as free MIDI CCs. Therefore the MIDI Learn function allows to freely define a custom specific mapping of CCs. This mapping will be persisted and is not preset specific. So it will be available again and again after restarting Vaporizer.

MIDI Learn is accessible by right-clicking on any of the control elements in Vaporizer (knobs, sliders, buttons …). A context menu will pop up and show the following information: parameter name, internal parameter name, parameter description and the currently active parameter mapping. See the following figure:

The following options are accessible from here:

  • ·         Learn MIDI.
  • Start the MIDI Learn process.
  • ·         Forget MIDI mapping.
  • Un-assigns the currently used MIDI CC from this parameter. The
  • ·         Reset all MIDI mappings to defaults.
  • This will reset all parameter mappings to the default values (see chapter MIDI Mapping) and persist the default mapping in the settings file.
  • ·         Reset all MIDI mappings to not-mapped.
  • This will reset all parameter mappings to zero (e.g. not assigned) and persist this information in the settings file.

The MIDI Learn process is as follows: When choosing the menu entry from the context menu the corresponding UI control will be highlighted in red color. See figure.

This is the sign that Vaporizer will use the next received MIDI control change information as mapping for this parameter. So all you need to do is to move the knob on your hardware controller that you want to assign. The red highlight will disappear to indicate a successful mapping process.

MIDI Learn is stored in the VASTvaporizerSettings.xml file that is created in the Vaporizer folder (see chapter Installation). In case that you need to save this information make sure to copy this file as well.