New Preset Management and Preset Browser in v1.25



Vaporizer 1.25 comes with a brand new prest management. Read here how it is upposed to work.


Working with Presets

Changing Programs

There are several ways to change the active preset.

  • ·         By using the host software functionality to change programs.
  • ·         By using a MIDI program change message (will work for the first 128 presets in Vaporizer only as this is the maximum addressable number in the MIDI standard).
  • ·         By using the Preset Select buttons on the right of the preset display.
  • ·         By clicking on the preset name on the preset combo box, this will show a popup browser that allows navigating to factory and user presets. 


Preset Browser

 Vaporizer offers a powerful preset browser that allows to easily navigate through all the presets that are available – factory presets that are stored within the plug-in and user presets (created on your own or purchased libraries) that are stored on the files system as .vvp files (VAST Dynamics Vaporizer presets).

The preset browser shows the preset name and meta-data like:

-          ID: the user / factor preset number

-          Category: a freely definable preset category, e.g. instrument type, ..

-          Author: the author / copyright holder of the preset

-          Tag: a freely definable tag

-          Folder: either “Factory” or the file system folder (top level) that holds the preset file (this can be used to easily structure user presets)

 All this data can be used to filter the result list. You just have to enter the filter value in the text box on the top and only those presets are shown that match the filter. The filter will scan all meta data values case insensitive.

Clicking on the table headers will sort the (filtered) list ascending or descending.

When single clicking on a preset (or using arrow keys / page up, down) to navigate through the list the preset will be loaded and can be played via the MIDI controller. This allows pre-listening the preset before choosing it.

You can close the dialog with the escape key or by double-clicking on the selected preset.

You can use the Settings dialog to define the root folder that is used to search for custom presets. All subfolders below this root folder (and the root folder itself) are searched for Vaporizer presets (.vvp files). Important: please make sure that the folder you choose here does not have too many subfolders (like e.g. the C:\ folder) since this will result in long scan times. Typically you will use a subfolder of your VASTvaporizer plug-in folder or a separate folder where you store your presets for other plug-ins as well.

The root folder is stored in the VASTvaporizerSettings.xml file that is created in the Vaporizer folder (see chapter Installation). In case that you need to save this information make sure to copy this file as well.

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Hello Tobias, Thanks for the new update and the manual, I found answers to some of the questions that I wanted to do especially in oscillators paragraph (algorithm oscillator) says what I wanted to know, the manual is perfect and describes in great detail everything hiding behind the UI.This is a great real virtual analog synth! thanks again for the hard work to make it even better.