Vaporizer2 Final Release version 3.0.0 out now

We are proud to announce that the final release version 3.0.0 of Vaporizer2 is out now.

The following features were added:

  • Audio out oscilloscope display
  • Snap to zero crossings mode in wavetable editor
  • Major performance improvements in wavetable editor
  • Hotkey to toggle draw mode in wavetable editor (Shift + d)
  • UI improvements, maximize buttons for editor sections
  • Significantly improved MSEG envelopes, can now be synchronized with DAW timecode – also for loops, option to run MSEG in single mode
  • Added two new random drift automation sources
  • Significantly improved filter section (sound and CPU consumption)
  • Added wavetable modulation function CONVOLUTION, TIME > FREQUENCY and FREQUENCY > TIME
  • Significantly improved modulation system
  • General setting of wavetable frequency characteristics: sharp (ideal filtering), soft (butterworth filtering), dull (linear) – saved to settings file
  • Fixed sampler normalization issue
  • Fixed MSEG to wavetable functions
  • Factory presets now including 370 quality presets, wavetables and single cycles now including 780 wavetables

Find it here.

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