New Vaporizer2 version released - 3.1.3

Today we have released the new version 3.1.3 of Vaporizer2.

Among many other changes here are the highlights:

  • Support for MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) 
    • Receive MPE MIDI dimensions (X/Y/Z) pitchbend, aftertouch (freely assignable), release velocity / lift (controlled via MSEG) and brightness / timbre (freely assignable) form supported controllers (e.g. ROLI Seaboard Block, ...) for highly expressive control options
    • MPE mode and bend range stored per preset
    • New modulation sources for MPE Timbre (MinMax, Min, Max)
  • Major UI update
    • New UI theme: Dark - we like it so much that we made it the new default for Vaporizer2
    • Polyphonic real-time visualization of parameter modulations around modulatable knobs
    • Polyphonic real-time visualization of modulation matrix curve values in the matrix section
    • Polyphonic real-time visualization of wavetable position in wavertable perspective display
    • Choose GUI font size - normal, smaller, larger
    • New modulation drag sources directly in the tabstrips for MSEG1-5, LFO1-5, STEPSEQ1-3
    • Several fixes, beautifications and CPU/performance improvements in the GUI

Download it here!