New License System with Vaporizer2 3.1.2

With Vaporizer2 version 3.1.2 we introduce a new licensing system to make activation easier for customers and to have a system that it more standard based on serial numbers. All existing license key files remain valid. But we ask existing customers to migrate their licenses to the new system. This can be done with two simple clicks.

1. The plugin will indicate that an old license is used above the preset selector. Just click on the text to start the process.

2. Just hit the "Migrate" button on the next dialog.

3. Your license will be migrated and a new activation will be automatically created for your computer.

4. The plugin will show as licensed again.

5. You will receive your account password via e-mail. We will automatically send an e-mail summarizing your license information including your personal serial number for reference.

Have fun!