License FAQ

How do I verify that my plugin is licensed?

When your plugin is licensed properly it will show that it is licensed to your registration name and email above the preset selector on top of the plugin GUI. See the picture below.


I am a registered customer and I would like to get information about my licensed products.

Use this form to request an automated e-mail with information about your licensed products.

In case you do not have your password for your user account you can request a new password here.


I lost acces to my license email. What do I do.

If you have lost access to your email account or forgot your registered email address, you can use our contacts form to request a copy of your payment confirmation. Please add name, purchase date, reseller information in the form. 


I have a coupon code that I bought at one of the resellers. How to I redeem it and get a serial number?

The process is described here.


On how many computers can I install Vaporizer2?

You can activate a single serial number of Vaporizer2 on up to 10 machines. Please note that according to the terms and conditions all those computers must be owned by you personally.
Take into account that the activation is per user and system. So in case that you use e.g. an admin account and a user account you will have to activate both. 


How can I transfer my license to a new computer?

Use the installer to install a fresh copy of the plugin on the new machine. Use the activation process within the plugin by clicking on the "Demo Version" text above the preset selector on top of the plugin GUI and enter your personal serial number and account information.


Can I sell my license?

You can use our contacts form to request a license transfer. Please add registration email, name, purchase date information in the form.